“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

"We are creating a global movement to turn spaces into places."

— CECILIA MARTINEZ, Former Director, UN Habitat New York
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We are a global network of leaders who together accelerate placemaking as a way to create healthy, inclusive, and beloved communities.


To make the spaces we live into places we love. Create a thriving, equitable, and sustainable world through the convergence of values, passion, and action around our public spaces.

About the Network

We are a network of placemaking thought leaders, public space activists, regional network leaders, and professionals from all over the world. We have diverse experiences and backgrounds but share a common purpose. PlacemakingX is currently formed by 100+ leaders and 1,500+ advocates from 85+ countries around the world.

PlacemakingX is a cooperative network initiated by these leaders. We're building a collective impact network to amplify and accelerate the placemaking movement globally, and locally.

PlacemakingX has partnered to launch and strengthen 24+ regional and national placemaking networks.

If you're a placemaking leader that shares our passion and mission fill out our survey to join the movement, and connect with your below regional network.

Regional Networks

National Networks

How does PlacemakingX Drive Change?

Amplify the Placemaking Movement
We expand the capacity of the placemaking movement by creating a platform to highlight its ideas, tools, events, projects, history, and members. We grow the impact of existing regional placemaking networks and incubate new ones.

Advocate for Systemic Change
We make the case for placemaking by engaging with like-minded movements and inspiring the hearts and minds of everyday citizens. We use a place-led focus to disrupt professional and bureaucratic silos that limit our communities. We develop and help implement models for community-powered governance, financing, and urbanization.

Accelerate Impact
Together with the network we launch, partner, and lead PlacemakingX Campaigns for impact. PlacemakingX Campaigns include tactics such as demonstration projects, exhibits, capacity building workshops, presentations, research, thought leadership, placemaking visions, convening, and more.

Power of 10+: Strategic goals to scale up the impact of placemaking from the street corner to the world.


The ideas at the heart of PlacemakingX were incubated at Project for Public Spaces throughout decades of collaboration with community activists and change agents in over 3,500 communities, and 50 countries. In 2013, Project for Public Spaces launched the Placemaking Leadership Council to strengthen placemaking as an international network. Since then, we’ve seen an explosion of regional networks, organizations, and events in countries around the world, establishing placemaking as a growing and catalytic movement.

Building on this rich history, PlacemakingX is now an independent program partnering with Project for Public Spaces and others to work with the doers and deep thinkers at the forefront of the placemaking movement to deliver a model of practice, designed to create collective impact.

Past placemaking conferences guiding regional networks, and the global movement.

Transformative Agendas

To start PlacemakingX will focus collective action around the following agendas. We believe placemaking is powerful because it forms the catalyst for seemingly divergent causes to converge.

Contact Us

PlacemakingX is a cooperative network initiated by a global group of urbanist leaders. If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@placemakingx.org.