“I end, then, in praise of ‘small spaces’. The multiplier effect is tremendous. It is not just the number of people using them, but the larger number who pass by and enjoy them vicariously, or even the larger number who feel better about the city center for knowledge of them.”

“People are deeply nourished by the process of creating wholeness.”

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10x10x10x10 Agendas

We focus on crosscutting impact by focusing on collective action around the following PlacemakingX trasformative agendas. We believe placemaking is powerful because it forms the catalyst for seemingly divergent agendas to converge.

people and helping communities thrive worldwide X10

Placemaking for Children

Placemaking for Women

Placemaking for the Elderly

Placemaking for Disabled People

Indigenous Placemaking

Placemaking with Pets and Nature

Refugee Placemaking and Peacemaking

Black Placemaking

Latino Placemaking

LGBTQ+ Placemaking

Building vibrant public spaces X10

Public Markets – From Street Vending to Market Halls

Waterfronts – Riverfronts, Lakefronts, Beaches

Streets as Places – Intersections, Sidewalks, Open Streets

Mobility Stops and Stations – Train Stations, Bus Stops, Bike Share...

Urban Parks as Community Places

Public Buildings as Public Spaces – Libraries, Government Buildings...

Architecture of Place

Placemaking for Sports Facilities – From Sports Fields to Stadiums

Rural Placemaking and Main Streets

Winter Places

Learning strategies to drive change X10

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Placemaking – Tactical Urbanism, Asphalt Art

Place Governance and Place Management

Place-led Development

Digital Placemaking

Creative Placemaking

Placemaking Tools and Processes

Financing Placemaking – Participatory Budgeting, Land Trusts, BIDs.

Placemaking in Academia and Research

Philanthropy for Placemaking

Amenities, Music, Art

Creating positive outcomes through placemaking X10

Safety and Security

Equity and Inclusion

Public Health - Healthy Places

Climate Resilience and Sustainability

Democracy and Participation

Economic Development and Innovation

Place Attachment and Lovability

Local Food Economies

Regenerative Tourism/Place Tourism - Branding, Marketing...

Play, Joy, and Happiness