Azbah Ansari

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Whatever happens between buildings can determine the quality of life for people. Our task is to create space and opportunities for good things and facilitate human well-being.


Azbah Ansari is an Architect aspiring to be an Urban Designer, a Placemaking Leader, and a Mental Health Advocate dedicated to making change happen for the community's well-being.

A natural leader, Azbah initiated the placemaking movement in Pakistan and has brought teams together to work for a common cause to create awareness for different social issues. She is devoted to making life better for 'Common Man' and 'Finding Joy in Little Things.'

Her interest in human behaviors and psychology and love for her city (Lahore) laid the foundation of her organization 'Peacemakers Pakistani' with the vision of creating better places in Pakistan with the help of a placemaking approach and creative solutions.

Peacemakers Pakistani
Founder & CEO
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Regional Leader
Transformative Agenda Focus
Arts & Culture
Equity & Inclusion
Health & Wellbeing

Placemaking is...

a process of creating places we love, making memories with and for diverse people. The process that keeps evolving with time and never ends.

First placemaking encounter

I would observe streets and public spaces and people's activities in them. There is magic out there.

Favorite childhood place

The Walled City Lahore and Lahore Fort. These historical places hold stories from the past.

Favorite Place

Fun Fact


Placemaking for me is a process of community engagement, learning, and individual development. It creates opportunities for gathering, social connection, and volunteerism, which have been shown to reduce psychological distress and depression with a chance of bringing ideas together and then creating new cultural norms.

Our focus so far has been about working with students. We help them re-imagine and recreate their spaces into something that inspires them to collaborate, socialize, re-create & re-design, dream, and break free from standard systems.

Currently, we are focused on heading towards neighborhoods and community spaces where we can work with different age groups at the same time.

In January 2020, Azbah had also started her show titled “Making it Happen” intended to learn from the stories of placemakers, artists and professionals from around the globe about how they created an impact and made change happen.

Key messages

Let's Make it Happen!

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