Jeroen Laven

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A great city at eye level might be only 10% of what is built, but 90% of the experience.


I work on better cities. I am partner at STIPO, founder and chair of Placemaking Europe, board member of Re:Kreators and Vereniging Verenigd Schouwburgplein.

PlacemakingX Role(s)
Senior Advisor
Transformative Agenda Focus
Architecture & Planning
Arts & Culture
Economic Development & Innovation

Placemaking is...

In placemaking we create great public spaces and plinths. We focus on hardware, software and orgware. We aim for comakership; give people and organizations the tools and power to improve where they live or work.

First placemaking encounter

My father and grandfather tool me on many walks with in the city of Rotterdam. They inspired me to look with fresh eyes.

Favorite childhood place

The beautiful island of Terschelling. One of the Netherlands finest natural spots, perfect for walking, cycling and enjoying the life in the small villages.

Favorite Place

I love Rotterdam in many ways. The imperfections in how this city, that had that recover from destruction during the Second World War, reinvented itself and gave space to all kinds of experiments to speed this process up, gives me and other Rotterdammers the opportunity to make our own city better. I love the Rotterdam culture that so many people work on making the city better.

Fun Fact

I am a filmfan and Feyenoord fan. Wake me up for any Feyenoord match. And join me the end of January every year in Rotterdam for the International Film Festival Rotterdam.


I am proud of our city at eye level books, the projects we have helped realize like ZOHO and Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. I am proud of our trainingactivities, strengthening a new generation. I am proud that with many people all over the world, including Placemaking-Europe that I chaird, we create better cities.

Key messages

Working on placemaking and the city at eye level adds value to better cities in many ways. From social to financial, from hardware and software to orgware. We focus on long term systematical change and short term solutions. We believe placemaking is important for both bigger people on the street and social organization, as for governments and market parties. Comakership is key. The international network gives fresh ideas and inspiration and new solutions.