Kristie Daniel

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There are few things as important as public spaces for quality of life. Great public spaces have improve health, equity, and the environment and should be a top priority for communities.


PlacemakingX Role(s)
Senior Advisor
Transformative Agenda Focus
Economic Development & Innovation
Equity & Inclusion
Health & Wellbeing

Placemaking is...

Public spaces are those spaces that are open and accessible to the public. Public spaces include streets, local public markets, parks, public squares and beaches.

First placemaking encounter

My inspiration for placemaking is rooted in my public health background.  To be healthy, people need places that make the healthy choices the easiest choice.  Placemaking is a great way to create spaces and places where people can be their best selves.

Favorite childhood place

Probably the public wharf in the town I lived in.  You never needed to call anyone in advance - you'd ride your bike down at any time and you would almost always find a friend to swim with, talk to, and generally hang out with.

Favorite Place

My favourite place in my community is probably the trail beside the lake.  My dog and I walk that trail several times a week.

I have lots of favourite places in the world.  It's hard to pick just one... I love anywhere with water and have lots of great memories at cities and towns by the seaside.

Fun Fact


Key messages

Providing safe, quality, and accessible public spaces is a key strategy to achieve sustainable development.

Walking and cycling are uniquely beneficial forms of urban transport and should be prioritized in transport and urban policy.

Public open spaces, such as parks and green spaces, provide important benefits to urban communities and should be prioritized in urban policy.

Local public markets are vital urban-rural linkages that safeguard a healthy food supply for urban residents and need to be supported by urban policy.

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