Ricardo Birmann

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The 21st century requires a new approach towards land use and real estate. A individual-centered, innovation-based and place-led approach.


Ricardo Birmann is currently CEO at Urbanizadora Paranoazinho (UP), an urban development company engaged in a large-scale, long-term project in the metropolitan area of Brazil’s capital, Brasilia. In this project, Ricardo and his team are designing a mixed used, walkable, human scale new neighborhood for 150 thousand people, anchored in high quality public places. Having a degree in Physics from Universidade de São Paulo, he has established a career in real estate development, which has been a family business for over forty years. Besides running UP, he is also a Director at his family’s Birmann S.A., a Sao Paulo based development firm, and Fundação Aron Birmann, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting solutions for the urban realm.

Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo
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Placemaking is the holistic aggregation of different kinds of value to a certain urban space, thus "making a place" out of it!

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