Rui Izumiyama

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The city changes. Place is like a creature. Great places are made up of a lots of personal involvement and attachment. Place Capital is likely to connect and connect people. Think of tactics and strategies for creating great places, a human-oriented center.


Rui is a researcher, practitioner, and editor of cities and public spaces in Japan. In addition to being an assistant professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, "Sotonoba" organizes the media and the next generation public space and urbanist community in Japan. He specializes in City Management, Area Based Management, Public Space Management, Tactical Urbanism, and Placemaking. He is involved in research and practice such as Public Space Legal System, Pilot Project, Activity Survey, Process Design, Management Organization, Area Based Management review. Major books: “Street Design Management: Systems, Organizations, and Processes that Utilize Public Space” (jointly authored).

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Regional Leader
Transformative Agenda Focus
Architecture & Planning
Place Governance
Streets & Transportation

Placemaking is...

a common concept, process, and approach that forms a Place Capital that is involved and attached to local communities and people.

First placemaking encounter

Himeji Station Square Project

In Japan's station square, traffic priorities were common. I realized the importance of creating a place to play in front of the station in the automobile society. Now, citizens and NPOs and the government are collaborating and aiming to be loved plazas, making places.

Favorite childhood place

Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo

I've always liked Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo since childhood. Japanese professional baseball team: The home of Tokyo Yakult Swallows. 37,000 people watch, enjoy and cheer towards a common goal. I love the moment when the place of sorrow becomes one.

Favorite Place

Fun Fact


My work is about creating visions, developing strategies and tactics, planning and implementing pilot projects, research on activity surveys, legal system research, and policy recommendations. It involves creating an organization and business to operate public spaces sustainably and appropriate projects and process designs to achieve the goals. And in “Sotonoba”, community media and community development are carried out so that they are better and widely disseminated to people.

Key messages

Placemaking is not a bustling or economic revitalization measure. Citizens, people in the local community, and each and every person are involved in the place, are attached, and are concerned, and the process up to that state is essential. Instagram photos are important, but let’s focus on the people involved. If the situation is good, the results will follow. The important thing is not to get into the results. Find your place vision about what you can do, and develop your shared idea, strategy, and tactics.