Guillermo Bernal

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Great places need anchors; they need small areas that are full of activity and things to do. Place needs places.


Guillermo Bernal is the Director of Fundación Placemaking México and Lugares Públicos, a Mexican nonprofit organization who conducts community outreach programs in public spaces that create more strong and sustainable communities.

Guillermo is frequently invited to conferences and seminars around Latin America to speak about Placemaking and Community Sustainability and has conducted more than 30 participatory urban planning projects in Mexico. Guillermo has a master's of science degree in urban studies from the Free University of Brussels.

Mexico City
Mexico City
Lugares Públicos
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Placemaking is... approach to create places where people want to be, destinations that connect people and interplay with the surrounding.

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Latin America’s public spaces are ones of contrast. There are places that support strong local economies and cultural traditions, but ubiquitous new developments have arisen that do not tap into these local treasures, aiming only at engagement with the larger global market.

Guillermo supports the creating of the Placemaking Latin America Movement. A network of advocates that share values to create places from the people. The network share experiences and knowledge for creating sustainable places around the region.

Key messages

Test a broad range of programming ideas; some ideas will work some will not. The important part of Placemaking is the process, not the result. Creating a successful place is more about feeling than a technique, but be methodical and have principles.