Gather with the world's placemaking leaders in Mexico City from November 1st-5th, 2023, and shape the future of the movement.

The Global Placemaking Summit represents the first global convening of the people and networks leading the placemaking movement. It is a unique opportunity to build and support 33 regional placemaking networks with cross-cutting agendas and program development.

In 2013 we launched the global Placemaking Movement with partners like UN-Habitat in conferences in Detroit, and Stockholm, aiming to have the movement start self-organizing and decentralizing by 2018. We launched PlacemakingX in 2018 to highlight and support the formation of the emerging regional networks now leading the global movement. The next phase, being initiated by this Summit, is to support and grow these networks with cross-cutting public space, advocacy, and impact agendas, formed collectively by Placemaking Leaders.


Our upcoming event is organized into three segments. The Pre-Summit offers a specialized PlacemakingX training session, with tickets being sold separately. The main attraction, the Summit, showcases a round table for Agenda Development, Regional Network Presentations, a PlacemakingX Leader's Hub, and a Panel Presentation that's open to the general public. To further enrich the experience, the Side Events feature the PlacemakingX Awards Party, an invite-only affair, as well as the 'Day of the Dead' tour and Placemaking Day, both of which welcome the general public to participate and engage.

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The Day of the Dead touR*
11-3 PM
(Tickets sold separately)

Placemaking Fundamentals in Spanish

Capacity Building for Placemaking Global Networks / English

Monday, OCT 30 - Tuesday, OCT 31

Wednesday, Nov 1 — FRIDAY, Nov 3

Engage in unstructured discussions conducted in a relaxed lounge setting.

Placemaking X Hub
Regional networks will showcase on programs, projects, and visionary ideas specific to their region.

Regional Network Presentations
Each agenda group will convene for 2-hour sessions. Friday is reserved for additional work if required.

Agenda Development
10-5 pm
@ Huerto Roma Verde, Roma Sur

Saturday, Nov 4

Join our panel discussion on cross-cutting agendas. Open to all.
Public Presentations
PlacemakingX Awards PartY*
6-10 pM

Sunday, Nov 5

Celebrate Mexico City's public spaces with bike tours, LQC activations, and more.
Open to all.
Placemaking Day
Program is subject to change. Stay tuned for more detailed program info.
*To Be Announced

Our Host Mexico City

The Summit will take place in a global city that has long been leading on public space and placemaking work. Over the last 10 years many placemaking leaders have collaborated with Summit host Guillermo Bernal and Fundación Placemaking México, which he founded. The organization has pioneered many placemaking projects and programs in Mexico City and through a network of partners it has developed around the country. The organization and the programs it runs provide a model to learn from for other networks also looking to run programs. Participants of the Summit will learn from, experience and contribute to the robust local placemaking conversation, which will provide an inspiring context from which to develop collective global placemaking agendas and collaborations.

In the below map of Mexico City, you will find hotels, points of interest, restaurants, and venues.

Placemaking X Agendas

Various themes and agendas have been bubbling up from the networks. To organize and support this cross-cutting global leadership we've identified 40 cross-cutting placemaking agendas, categorized by people, public spaces, strategies, and outcomes. The summit will serve as a starting point to discuss and act upon these agendas, with the potential for exponential global impact. Our focus lies in collective learning, advocacy and action centered around these transformative agendas, harnessing the power of placemaking to connect and leverage seemingly divergent initiatives.

X People

Placemaking for Children

Placemaking for Women

Placemaking for the Elderly

Placemaking for Youth

Indigenous Placemaking

Placemaking with Nature and Pets

Refugee Placemaking and Peacemaking

Black Placemaking

Latino Placemaking

LGBTQ+ Placemaking

X public spaces

Public Markets


Streets as Places

Mobility Stops and Stations

Urban Parks as Community Places

Public Buildings as Public Spaces

Architecture of Place

Placemaking for Sports Facilities

Rural Placemaking and Main Streets

Winter Places

X strategies

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper

Place Governance

Place-led Development

Digital Placemaking

Creative Placemaking

Placemaking Tools and Processes

Financing Placemaking

Placemaking in Academia and Research

Philanthropy for Placemaking

Amenities, Music, Art

X outcomes

Safety and Security

Equity and Inclusion

Public Health

Climate Resilience and Sustainability

Democracy and Participation

Economic Development and Innovation

Place Attachment and Lovability

Local Food Economies

Regenerative Tourism/Place Tourism

Play, Joy, and Happiness

Placemaking X Networks and Leaders

Regional Networks & Network Leaders

Agendas are emerging from our regional networks, with network leaders forming and implementing Placemaking Agendas. We have helped form and support 20+ regional and national networks, with another 20+ in various stages of formation(listed below). The Summit will highlights these network leaders, hear their challenges and ideas, and support them through the development of crosscutting agendas to initiate local programs. Some of regional networks with incomplete lists of the leaders supporting them:

Agendas and Agenda Network Leaders

With established regional networks increasingly supporting the movement's learning, advocacy and action, the next goal is to support these networks with crosscutting agendas. 40 key agendas that have emerged from within the regional networks, with leaders in different parts of the planet advancing different dimensions of each topic.

The agendas are grouped by people, spaces, strategies, and outcomes. Agenda leaders will be gathered virtually before the summit to start to frame their topics, and then work during the summit to finalize and present on their collective goals and potential impact programs.

Explore the agendas with the lists of some of the PlacemakingX leaders we are asking to help shape these. Let us know if are interested in joining any of these groups when you register.

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The leaders behind the movement.

Some of the amazing people collaborating on PlacemakingX globally.